Today we celebrate the service and sacrifice of all who have worn a uniform protecting the United States. Growing up I had set several goals one of which included being a member of the United States Air Force. My goal was realized and I was honored to serve our country for six years. When looking back over my life there may be many changes I would make if given the opportunity to do it all over but my military service isn’t one of them.

Veterans come in all shapes, sizes, race and gender. Most veterans that I know have pretty much the same attitude as I do about our service. We are not ashamed of it but we aren’t, except for Veteran’s Day or other holiday occasions, parading it around either. Many of us belong to a veterans group but some don’t. Regardless of how individual veterans choose to remember their service some of which was entered voluntarily and some not, we owe them all a debt gratitude for their service whether they ask for it or not.

To all the veterans who have put on the uniform in service to our country – THANK YOU!