Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare was hardly the one that most patriots were wanting to hear.  It was a tortured split decision that should have gone the other way.  It was a major battle and our side didn’t prevail but there are more battles to be fought in all 50 states (or 57 if you are President Obama)!

The decision Thursday did not answer all the questions and created new ones along with it. I believe that there will be other challenges to Obamacare and that those challenges may be effective in hastening the decline and fall of Obamacare.

Now the states are back front and center in the fight – and that’s where the primary battles have always been.  Missouri was the first state to prohibit the individual mandate from being effective in our state.  It was a shot heard round the world and there is more to be done for certain.

The first thing to be rejected – or in Missouri’s case, continued to be rejected – is the establishment of the Obamacare Insurance Exchange.  The Missouri legislature has rejected attempts to establish it both legislatively and by unelected bureaucrats who many would say were doing the dirty work of Governor Nixon who has been missing in action in the battle.

Our very first Legislative Action Alert (Quick Start on Solid Issues) was in support of Senate Bill 464 that would prohibit the Governor and unelected bureaucrats from establishing an exchange without legislative action or a vote of the people. With the help of literally 10’s of thousands of grassroots emails responding to our Action Alerts, the legislature passed Senate Bill 464 the last week of session.  We will be voting on it in November! Click here for a list of blogs postings regarding the Obamacare Insurance Exchange actions in Missouri).

The second front is more insidious and would be very expensive to the taxpayers who are already under great strain. One item in the ruling on Thursday was the fact that the federal government cannot penalize states under the existing Medicaid programs if they don’t choose to implement the very drastic expansion of Medicaid in Obamacare.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch had an article entitled Missouri Legislative Leaders Say No to Medicaid Expansion. In it, they refer to an “$8.4 billion” windfall the state would miss out on if they don’t expand Medicaid beyond it’s already budget busting offerings.  You can expect to hear more from the likes of the Post and Kansas City Star about how Missouri is “leaving money” on the table that could be used to help poor people in Missouri.  What you won’t see is the Post, Star and the many “supporters” of the poor getting out their check books and writing extra hefty checks to specifically cover those they are concerned about!

Medicaid is already competing with education for budget dollars.  The liberal answer is of course to just raise taxes – on rich people of course.  That approach has never worked long term and never will.  But the Post and Star are not short on bluster.

Back in 2005 when I was helping to lead the charge to scale back the last federal government “free” money expansion of Medicaid in the state, the two papers of record for the state bemoaned ridiculed and even printed pictures of some members of the legislature’s houses attempting to coerce the general assembly to abandon the taxpayer in exchange for keeping the government doling out money those taxpayers couldn’t afford.  It didn’t work then and hopefully it won’t work now!

Be sure and read the article though because it does contain the Trojan horse that will be used in the attempt to once again coerce the general assembly into poor budget decisions – the Missouri Hospital Association (MHA). You can read the groundwork already being laid – hospitals will have to eat the cost, they will pass the costs along to insurance and we will all pay anyway.  These will be powerful arguments in the halls of the capitol although they really don’t measure up in fact.  Take a look at hospital CEO salaries, the buildings that are being built and you will soon figure out that if these “non-profits” were required to report as “for profit” companies many of them would be making a tidy sum.

You may also recall that the MHA spent something in the neighborhood of less than $500,000 trying to persuade voters to vote NO on Proposition C.  They aren’t very effective when it comes to the public but the legislature is a different thing all together.

We will need to be constantly reminding legislators about Proposition C and what I’m sure will be a just as overwhelming vote on Senate Bill 464 this November.  We need to remind them they work for us and not the MHA.

Gird up your loins and get ready to do battle come January in the Missouri General Assembly.  Everyone will be needed to avoid a financial disaster in the making known as the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.  Remember – there is NO FREE MONEY!