Proposition A – returning local control of the St Louis City Police Department to the citizens of St Louis 150 years after the civil war has ended will be on your ballot on Tuesday. Principle and facts support a YES vote on Prop A.

The opponents of Proposition A which are primarily located in the greater St Louis region, have used all sort of emotional but unsupported reasons to get people to vote no on Prop A. Let’s look at the four P’s of Proposition A. Three of them are used by the opponents of Proposition A and the fourth is ignored or dismissed by them.

Perceptionlacking any facts or substantive argument against returning to the people of St Louis City their police department the opponents of Proposition A seek to create false perceptions they believe will emotionally move people to a no vote. For example, they tell people that St Louis City government is corrupt. They produce no evidence of any corruption in the chain of command of the city but they know people suspect it is true and simply try to play on emotions.

Fact is that there has been more demonstrable corruption in the state controlled Board of Police Commissioners than their has in City government. Here’s a couple of examples of corruption under state control. Don’t fall for the false perception gambit.

Personalitieslacking facts to oppose Proposition A, the opponents attempt to attack personalities. Rex Sinquefield, AFL-CIO, La Raza you name it, if they think they can stir up no votes by throwing personalities against the wall and getting it to stick, they will and have. The problem is they can’t produce any shred of evidence that any of the personalities that they attack have a vested interest in Proposition A. Oh sure, they will pontificate on their thoughts as to why they think it is the case relying heavily on the perception tactic above. But when push comes to shove, when you tell them you are a native Missourian and ask them to Show-Me the facts – that can’t deliver.

Partisanshipthe recurring theme of most of the opponents of Proposition A is that the City of St Louis has been under Democrat control for too long. They may be right on that issue but they are wrong as it being a reason to oppose local control. It’s telling when you hear the underlying argument that if Republicans were in control it would be different. It’s almost amusing to listen to Republicans complain about giving the Police Department back to the Democrats when you consider it was the Democrats who took it away from the Republicans of St Louis in the first place!

In reality, “the democrat machine” in St Louis is rather pitiful when it comes to “machines”. Oh sure they have a firm grip on politics in St Louis City but that’s because the Republicans decided to move out in droves not because they are some well-oiled “machine”. They have a long way to go before they show up in the history books as a Pendergast/Daley type operation! Not only is it unsubstantiated, but the hue and cry of “the democrat machine” does not trump the fundamental, conservative principle that is local control.

Principle – many of the opponents choose to ignore or simply dismiss that there is a fundamental, conservative principle involved in local control. They instead want to eschew it for the first three P’s.

As I wrote in Proposition A Is Jeffersonian Principles In Action! local control is a firmly supported conservative principle. All the false perceptions, attacks on personalities and partisan arguments cannot and do not override the basic principle of local control.

There have been no facts, no evidence presented not to end the Civil War takeover of the St Louis Police Department by the state. The first three P’s are often combined into a propaganda assault tying elements from the three together. Still no evidence or facts presented to support it but then again it wouldn’t be propaganda if they did!

It’s time the citizens of St Louis who expressed their desire in a November 2010 vote in which 70% said they wanted their police department back had it returned to them! Just as you and I hold our local officials accountable, they must have the ability to do the same. It’s been over 150 yeas since they have had that ability.

Vote YES on Proposition A!