Recently we published a blog outlining Governor Jay Nixon’s less than stellar record of being upfront with Missourians.

Nixon Administration Misleading Record

In true “the buck doesn’t stop here fashion” Governor Nixon ran from his record calling the video in the blog a “personal attack”. Knowing that the Governor’s record is less than stellar, I can understand why he would run from it!

Today’s video once again addresses the Governor’s record – his fiscal record. When he ran for re-election, he wanted everyone to believe he was a fiscal conservative. You know – balancing the budget (the legislature did that) and cutting taxes (the legislature did that too).

The Governor’s real fiscal record is far from conservative. He has created a sham of being a fiscal conservative. He’s cut education funding, when the legislature increased it and social services funding has benefitted from the cuts to education.

Before the election, he was nowhere to be found on Medicaid expansion leading people to believe he wasn’t supportive of Obamacare since Missourians have proven time and again that they do not want any part of Obamacare in the state to include Medicaid expansion. That changed quickly after the election when all of a sudden he became Obamacare’s biggest Missouri supporter!

Now he is traversing the state telling half-truths if not outright falsehoods about the first broad based income tax cut in almost 100 years! He’s needlessly withholding funds from education and other “vulnerable” programs in order to bully recipients into bullying the legislature not to override his mistaken veto. And doing all this on the same taxpayers’ dime that he doesn’t want to let keep more of their hard earned money!

Well Governor, you may not think people are watching what you are really up to and your record but you would be wrong!