Somehow, House Bill 2011 came out of the Senate Appropriations Committee with the Governor’s Amendment adding $50 million for “Medicaid computer upgrades,” which is really a cover-up for laying the groundwork for the Obama Insurance Exchange. Several of the committee members were surprised to find this line item in the bill and have vowed to fight it! You can help them by clicking here.

As you may recall, last fall, an attempt was made by unelected bureaucrats to establish the Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange. Senators stepped in and stopped this end-around. You can read more about it in Obamacare Insurance Exchange Comes Through Back Door in Missouri. The $50 million line item in the budget is the same grant – but for twice the dollars!

The fact that 71.1% of Missourians voted to reject the individual mandate of Obamacare is well known. You might think that this issue of establishing the Obamacare Insurance Exchange – in any way, shape, or form – would be pretty much settled. It’s not. Click here to take action now!

The House resoundingly refused to accept the $50 million grant. The Governor was not dissuaded by the rejection by the House and asked the Senate to add it into the budget. Unfortunately, the Senate Appropriations Chair included the $50 million in the budget bill that will be considered by the full Senate.Click here to tell your Senator to say NO to the Governor’s request and remove the $50 million from the Senate version of the budget! If it is removed, there will be no opportunity to add it back into the budget.

The Governor and his supporters deny that the $50 million – which includes the money from the aforementioned grant and actually totals $100 million over two years – has anything to do with establishing a health insurance exchange. Unfortunately, the facts contradict their statements.

The name of the grant is the “Health Insurance Exchange Establishment Grant.” Plain language shows not much “fuzz” on what the grant’s intent is meant to be.

The first part of the grant that was “almost” accepted by unelected bureaucrats also has several revealing statements about this “upgrade” to Medicaid computer systems. One statement is a brutally honest statement of intent: “Additionally, the Medicaid program will be building to varying degrees supporting infrastructures to facilitate the work of the Exchange.”

There is an old saying that “if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.” There is a lot of waddling and quacking going on regarding this issue when the Governor says it’s not related to the establishment of the health insurance exchange . . . yet the grant materials say it is!

The Senate will be taking up the budget THIS WEEK. This is your opportunity to let them know you do notsupport taking any action to establish the Obamacare Insurance Exchange. Click here to take action now!

There is no doubt that the state’s Medicaid computer system needs to be updated. But the answer is not taking Obamacare money to do it. I don’t know what kind of computer system costs $100 million, but it should last us at least as long as it takes to pay the Chinese back for it. Let the Senators know it’s not worth it by CLICKING HERE!