The news of the fiscal cliff is reaching a crescendo. Treasury Secretary Geithner says the debt ceiling will be reached by December 31st and with no agreement in place to address the fiscal cliff it will be difficult to make ends meet. The President has apparently even decided he can forgo a few more days in Hawaii body surfing and all to come back to Washington to see if he can help Congress “avoid” the fiscal cliff.

A solution is already in place and awaiting action in the Senate and his signature. So what’s the problem? The solution doesn’t include his class warfare solution or give him the ability to raise the debt ceiling!

The US House of Representatives passed an extension of the Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 aka “Bush Tax Cuts” on August 1, 2012. You remember all the press coverage the passage of H.R. 8 received don’t you? After all, it passed on a strong bipartisan vote of 256 to 171.

If passed by the Senate and signed by the President the bill would postpone the “fiscal cliff” tax hikes for another year and set in place a process for fundamental tax reform next year (2013). The bill was passed before the election and should have been acted upon by the Senate in quick order. Of course, we know that Harry Reid and the President have no real interest in finding the right solution but will continue to insist on “their” solution. That’s the reason that nearly six months later the Senate has taken no action on H.R. 8.

While a great deal of the blame for not finding a real solution to the fiscal cliff lays at the feet of Obama/Reid, Speaker Boehner hasn’t really been offering a solid plan either. All he had to do was to point out that H.R. 8 was passed that would give more time to find the right solution. The country will suffer as a result of the Obama/Reid/Boehner failure to find the right solution that doesn’t raise taxes on job creators and cuts spending!

Our friends at American Commitment have put together an Action Alert so that you can easily contact Senator Blunt and McCaskill urging them to get the Senate on the ball and pass H.R. 8! Just as we make it simple to contact your state legislators, American Commitment is doing the same on the federal level. They provide a template for your use and then send it on to the Senators.

Here’s how I modified the Action Alert template they provided by adding my personal input as the first paragraph:

Raising taxes is ludicrous when the real problem is spending! I and many other Missourians DO NOT support the President’s or Speaker Boehner’s solution to increase taxes!

I recommend you do the same and let Blunt and McCaskill know that the current rush to raise taxes and not really cut spending is unacceptable! Pass H.R. 8 extending the tax cuts and reform the tax code. No excuses!