Tony Messenger has an article in the Post-Dispatch entitled KC legislator may be denied seat over fraud allegations.  It details accusations of voter fraud that has been alleged to have taken place in the Kansas City area in August.  In addition, many of the same alleged voter fraud actions took place in the November election.  The real news in the story is that it is a Democrat candidate that is alleging and exposing the voter fraud took place!

We have covered this issue in a couple of  The Missouri Minute episodes (The Missouri Minute – Episode 8 on Voter Fraud and The Missouri Minute – Episode 14 – Updates on Missouri Vote Fraud!).   As the PD article pointed out, there are over 100 pages of documentation of the alleged voter fraud activities.  After reviewing the materials, it is apparent that there are substantial irregularities and that most likely voter fraud did, indeed, take place.

Incoming House Speaker Steve Tilley is reviewing the documentation for possible action by the House.  The Missouri House is charged with determining the suitability of its members.  The courts have gone through the motions of denying voter fraud in this case but the House is not required to seat any member that it believes does not meet the qualifications.  A candidate winning an election via voter fraud would seem not to meet the qualifications.

As you can imagine, there are many who oppose even the notion that voter fraud exists.  This case has the potential to blow the lid off the underground voter fraud elements.  If these allegations are true, voter fraud activities are being well-honed. If not adequately pursued and resolved, voter fraud opens the door to questionable election outcomes in the future.

We encourage incoming House Speaker Tilley to pursue this issue to its fullest.  The people of Missouri deserve to know their elections are being conducted with integrity and that they are not being disenfranchised by voter fraud!