Governor Nixon will deliver the State of the State (SoS) address on Tuesday, January 21, 2014. The SoS usually contains a list of accomplishments and the Governor’s budget proposal. You can count on the fact that there will be some things left out of the address.

For example, you will hear about all the promises to education and the proposed increased spending in the budget. What you won’t hear is that the Governor has asked the legislature to support a higher level of revenue than is supported by the facts to pay for those grand plans!

You also are not likely to hear:

  • Governor Nixon was ranked 39th out of 45 Governors in private sector job creation during his term.
  • Missouri’s economic recovery lags the rest of the nation (ratings agencies: Moody’s, Standard & Poor and Fitch).
  • Six of the eight states surrounding Missouri have cut taxes and done so far greater than any proposal put forth in the Missouri legislature.
  • Broad based tax cuts, especially for working Missourians and small businesses, increase revenues.

When it comes to managing his administration and therefore the state and being upfront with Missourians, the Governor’s track record isn’t very good.  In fact, we should ask him to “Show-Me” anytime he tells us something and then go verify it!

Missouri could be on our way to a more robust recovery. We could be except Governor Nixon and his big government spending supports don’t believe you should keep more of your hard earned money. They don’t believe that We the People can stimulate the economy better than they the government.

Most Missourians know our economic recovery is slow, perhaps not even evident to many of them. So tomorrow night when you hear about how grand and wonderful we are doing know that there’s more to the story. Know that expanding government through Medicaid expansion and spending more money we don’t have is not the solution.

The Governor’s track record of being upfront with us isn’t very good Nixon #FAIL.

Missourians should be very skeptical of what they here in the State of the State.