One of the words that recurs the most regarding Tuesday’s election is “cataclysmic.” Not far behind is “repudiation” and “rejection of the agenda.”  The “enemies” of the Owebama agenda as he called them, proved to be a larger force than he anticipated.  There is a lot of work to be done to try to undo the damage of the last 2 – 4 years and still a lot of work to do to move America forward, and away from the leftist direction of the last 2 years.

I’m amazed that some people still didn’t get the message.  Harry Reid said that now that Republicans had picked up so many seats in both houses of Congress, it was up to them to be more willing to compromise.  Harry, you may have been re-elected but the Reid/Pelosi/Owebama agenda was soundly and clearly rejected! You weren’t interested in compromise before but now that the American people have kicked you to the curb, you somehow found a new word in the dictionary.

Too bad Reid doesn’t know the meaning of compromise or how to practice it.  If he or the President did, Obamacare wouldn’t be such an albatross.  But then again, if it weren’t Obamacare it would be the so-called stimulus or cap and tax.  When 6 of 10 independents vote against you, you’ve done something terribly wrong!

Overall, it was the American people who won on Tuesday.  They clearly recognized that big government was not helping. They recognized that spending our grandchildren into massive debt wasn’t “stimulus.” They recognized that creating jobs means more than giving government workers higher incomes than the people paying those wages and that those paying the wages needed jobs, not more government positions.

Time will tell whether Republicans actually get the message.  John Boehner seems to get it, but as we have seen in the last 2-4 years, talk is cheap except for the taxpayers! Republicans have an opportunity to correct the bad policies of the recent past but cannot be given a free ride. Republican or Democrat, those we placed into office on Tuesday must be held accountable.

2012 will come very quickly and memories are long!