You know, I have to admit that when the “stimulus” bill, otherwise known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), was being thrashed about I and most of America had a number of concerns that the money would be wasted.  We just didn’t see how borrowing record amounts of money resulting in record amounts of debt and deficits to spend on government bureaucrat dreams could possibly help America. So far it hasn’t  but that is about to change this coming weekend!

No, I’m not talking about Owebama’s most recent plan to spend even more money that we don’t have to provide more payback money for democrat unions who in turn will spend the money on trying to get the Washington Three Stooges (Owebama, Reid and Pelosi) re-elected. My sincerest apologies to Curly, Mo and Shemp (or your favorite third stooge) for associating them with the likes of the real stooges. No, I’m talking about a worthwhile  expenditure of our tax money and one I’m sure the Chinese will be most pleased about, the “Show Me Social Justice International Film Festival” this weekend in Warrensburg.

Here is what you are getting for the interest your tax dollars, your children’s tax dollars, your grand children’s tax dollars etc, etc are paying for:

What You Can Expect:

Located in west central Missouri, Warrensburg has been selected as the site for the first annual Show Me Social Justice International Film Festival.  For three days in September the community of Warrensburg…will play host to this one-of-a-kind special event.

While films (features, documentary, and shorts) are being solicited from around the world, only the best will be shown at the festival.  Those attending will have the opportunity to screen several very special films as well as attend some very special events…

Now that doesn’t really sound bad does it? And certainly if you read the “Mission Statement” on the website it ‘sounds’ reasonable:

The purpose of the Show Me Social Justice International Film Festival is to raise awareness of Social Justice Issues. Using a variety of artistic media, our goal is to impact our communities, both locally and globally, in order to inspire personal responsibility and positive action

Again, sounds good but not worthy of my borrowed money being spent on such things.  Particularly when you consider that “social justice” is simply code for supporting the re-distribution of wealth.  The “social justice” people don’t really see it that way.

You see, they believe the reason that those who don’t have what the “social justice” people would give to them of yours is because you, the rich, have it all.  You can bet they will try to not make too many people out to be the rich but in order to pay for their schemes, sooner or later everyone will be rich. Just exactly how does that help? It doesn’t! Like all good wealth re-distributors, they believe it is government’s role to “equalize” between the “haves” and the “have nots”.

It’s may not be their fault. They either forgot they were taught or perhaps were never taught that America was built on the premise of “equal opportunity” to succeed not the “equal guarantee” to succeed!

Unfortunately, that truth has been lost in America.  It would be nice to say that it was lost in the last 18-24 months but it wasn’t.

Time will tell whether the truth can be reclaimed. I know that it won’t if we simply accept the fact we allow things like this

“project is funded in whole/or part with federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds received from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provided by the Missouri Department of Social Services, Family Support Division.  The funds received from the Family Support Division are all federally funded.”

Write your Congressman if he voted for the ARRA and this frivolous use of your tax money and let him know that November is coming.  Write Senator McCaskill and ask her how this expenditure is a responsible use of your tax dollars and let her know that it is just one of the many items piling up on her list of bad decisions.

Write your state representative or state senator and let them know you don’t appreciate the Family Services Division spending your tax dollars on this “film” festival.

Finally, contact the sponsors (scroll down when you go to the page) of this event and let them know you don’t appreciate your tax dollars being used for this purpose and that should you ever have the choice to support their service/business you will go elsewhere.

Now that is Social Justice!