As the November 2nd election draws near, candidate commercials seem to get more shrill and negative.  And opponents of Proposition A – Let Voters Decide seem incapable of telling even the basic truth about the measure and have to resort to, really no other way to describe it, LYING about it!

Proposition A – Let Voters Decide does two simple things:

1. prohibits an earnings tax in any place that doesn’t have one now

2. requires that the voters of Kansas City and St Louis get to vote every 5 years whether to sunset the existing earnings tax

The opponents are very desperate.  With few exceptions, the opponents of letting voters decide can be placed in one group: They support big government, which requires big spending.

We reported in Voters Win Another Battle Against Big Government Knows Best Crowd that the “private citizen” plaintiffs trying to prevent letting voters decide aren’t all that private and have a vested interest in making sure big government spending takes place.  Take the chief plaintiff spokesman, Pat Dujakovich:

…Kansas City Fire Department Battalion Chief, Kansas City Fire Fighters Pension Board Trustee, Kansas City Missouri Deferred Compensation Retirement Plan Trustee, and Missouri Employees Health Insurance Board Trustee suing in his capacity as “private citizen” is willing to “go to the wall” on trying to stop letting the voters decide.  Since the taxpayers of Kansas City are apparently paying for his lawsuit, we can understand why he is so anxious to spend whatever it takes to keep the voters from deciding the issue.

The opponents are turning up their lies by telling people that the approval of Proposition A will “gut” public services.  Let there be no question about it, THIS IS A BLATANT LIE!

Proposition A changes no tax currently in place today!  The opponents object to letting Kansas City and St Louis voters decide to sunset the earnings tax every five years.  They object to requiring city governments in both cities to come before the voters, explaining to them how the tax is being spent and having the voters cast their vote in support or opposition.

Bottom line – the opponents are afraid of the voters! They do not believe voters can be “trusted” to make the “right” decision to continue big government spending practices.

I don’t believe voters will be fooled by these lies.  It’s easy to dispel them by going to Let Voters Decide and seeing exactly what the measure does.  I encourage you to sign up for a yard sign or to write a letter to the editor.

Proposition A – Let Voters Decide will improve our state! VOTE YES