Tax Cut Petition

We the undersigned support the Missouri General Assembly’s efforts to enact the largest tax cut in Missouri history represented by Senate Bill (SB) 617 and House Bill (HB) 2540!

Both bills reduce the tax burden on ALL Missourians while providing resources for infrastructure improvements.

The final tax reform package makes Missouri’s tax code simple, competitive, and fair. Missouri’s tax system is antiquated and broken when it comes to taxpaying Missourians.

Few realize that the top rate of 5.9% isn’t just paid by the “rich” but by most working Missourians including many who fall below the federal poverty level. Working families would benefit greatly from a simpler tax code, enhanced credits and exemptions, and lower rates.

SB 617 and HB 2540 address this problem by cutting rates across the board, eliminating lower tax brackets and enacting other pro-family tax changes such as increasing the standard deduction.

These changes will encourage growth and give taxpayers more flexibility with their income by letting them keep more of it!

Take time to sign the petition now letting your legislator know you support the largest tax cut in state history!

**United for Missouri or United for Missouri’s Future does not sell, trade, or disclose any emails or personal information with any other entity.**


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