If Proposition B is truly “fixed”, no pun intended, it cannot include measures that restrict OUR access to the ballot.

I reluctantly take issue with Representative Fisher’s claim that people want the issue of ballot access addressed.  Actually thousands of e-mails were sent to the legislature AGAINST impeding the citizens’ access to the ballot provided by our Constitution. We the People reserved these rights to ourselves and the legislature should not back door the people’s right to access those rights.

In every “bad” case from Prop B to the minimum wage initiative, the opponents of the issues waited far too long to take any actions to stop them or to help educate voters. The opponents of Prop B did a very good job of getting grassroots engaged and educated but a little too late. As we all know, almost doesn’t count.

If the organized groups who opposed Prop B and the minimum wage initiative had spent some funds up front when people were being sold the bill of goods to sign the petitions, that might have staved off the assaults. Tell people about the bad stuff that is in the petition BEFORE it gets on the ballot. Don’t just wait for a vote.

Failure to take timely action or afraid to speak out as most business groups were on the minimum wage because they were afraid of repercussions is no reason to attack the people’s access to the ballot.

Man up and fight bad stuff from the beginning!