Last weeks resounding rejection of the Obamacare individual mandate is still ringing all across the country and even the worldThe Show-Me State gave a resounding NO to failed government run and controlled health care.  And people all over are taking notice!

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) held its annual meeting this past Thursday – Sunday.  Unless you were not listening, like Robert Gibbs and Sen. McCaskill, you would have heard nearly every breakfast and lunch speaker extol the virtues of Missouri voters.  In almost every working group or task force the Missouri results were the example of things yet to come.

There are always international guests at the ALEC meetings.  Great Britain is beginning to unravel its 60+ year old nationalized health care system and Canadians long ago realized their nationalized system fails them on a regular basis and head to the US for lifesaving care even if they have to mortgage their homes.  Most of the time, these international visitors’ message is “Don’t do what we are doing!” Missouri demosntrated on August 3, 2010 that we are not planning to!

Many solutions were offered during the debate of the government take0ver of our health care system.  True portability, selling insurance policies across state lines, tax credits for individuals rather than companies for health insurance purchases and many, many more.  President Obama and his cohorts, Claire McCaskill, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi ad nauseum refused to listen or consider any alternatives but government takeover.  They refused to listen to the American people who were saying not just NO but HELL NO!  Missouri’s Prop C results were a strong and representative voice telling Washington NO again!

Senator McCaskill says “message received”.  Nobody believes that. Of course, when she went on to say the the message she received was that Washington had not done a very good job of “explaining” (telling) us what a wonderful deal Obamacare is, she lost any credibility that she may have had left, which wasn’t much.

It will take about 3o days for the results of the election to be certified.  No one expects the outcome to be impacted by the certification process.  Every county in the state voted YES with only the outliers of Kansas City and St. Louis City voting NO.  However, once the results are certified, supporters of Prop C should brace for the inevitable lawsuit(s) that will be forthcoming from supporters of the government takeover of our health care.

The Missouri Hosptial Association (MHA) has already told reporters that there is no shortage of people willing and wanting to sue over Prop C. No one should be surprised given the big dollars MHA member hospitals think they will get through Obamacare.  And as we know, these poor hospitals are on the verge of collapse because of the “uncompensated care” they provide.  Funny how they had in the neighborhood of $500,000 to fight Prop C and to fund tax increase campaigns over the past few years.

We should discourage the MHA and other Prop C Deniers from filing or having lawsuits filed over Prop C. We must also be prepared for them which is the thing that should concern us.  Our Attorney General, Chris Koster‘s track record in defense of our sate sovereignty and individual freedoms against the intrusion and over reaching actions of the federal government takeover of our health care is more than dismal. It is non-existent.

AG Koster has refused to join other states challenging the Constitutional validity of the Congress’ action and stand for state sovereigntyHe has taken actions to attempt to remove Lt. Governor Kinder from the lawsuit Kinder filed on our behalf and in his role as the state’s senior advocate.  Rather than being encouraged that we have a strong proponent on our side, we must, based on his track record, be very concerned that AG Koster will do just enough to lose any case filed against the state.

While it is yet to be demonstrated that the AG thinks he works for us, other than high profile “re-elect me” cases, we can still hope that he will see the error of his past and step up in a big way to defend us and our choice in supporting Prop C.  You can help him come to that conclusion by signing this Petition to Attorney General Koster to Defend Prop C Vote.

We need the supporters of Prop C to tell THEIR Attorney General – “You Work for US!”